Servant Leadership Project

In the past few weeks, our Warren Servant Leaders recently held two fundraisers throughout our school for their regional project. The focus of this year’s regional project is for an organization called, Hearts and Hands for Hunger. This organization teamed up with Highland Community College Servant Leadership to pack and provide meals to children and adults in need. Every meal cost 27 cents. Our Warren team made a goal of 2,000 meals, therefore they needed to raise $540. With both of these fundraisers the team raised around $850. They exceeded their goal by $300! 

Throughout the elementary, the Warren team hosted a coin war. Each teacher’s classroom had a bucket for the students to put their spare change or any money they would like to donate in. When the time came for the competition to end, we had 3 classes with totals over $100. Our final winner was Mrs. Sigafus’ 3rd grade class with $128.61. In 2nd place we had Mrs. Barker’s preschool class with $120.23. Our last class with over $100 and in 3rd place was Mrs. Janecke’s 2nd grade class with $102.98. With the help of all the other elementary classes, the team raised almost $700!

Mr. Hammond gets a pie in the face

The Jr/Sr High School did a different competition. The Warren Servant Leaders hosted a pie war between 11 brave and amazing staff members. Ms. Tara Koester, Mrs. Codie Koester, Dr. Teske, Mrs. Harbach, Mr. Sargent, Ms. Kluck, Mr. Hammond, Ms. Almquist, Mr. Wild, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Janecke were our staff members who participated. The top 3 staff members with the most money in their jars by the end of the day on Thursday March 31, would get pied in the face on April 1st at the SIP day assembly. Mr. Hammond had the most money with $55.50! In second place we had Mr. Bennett with $28.34. Our final staff member to get pied was Dr. Teske with $24.39. Along with the money remaining in the other 8 jars, the team earned a total of $160.66. 

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