Illinois Health Requirements

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Students must be current with all health requirements by October 15. Any students who do not have the proper required physical or immunizations will be excluded from school after October 15 until proof of completion. Individual letters will be sent to specific students not in compliance. However, the requirements are the following:

  • All preschool, kindergarten, sixth-grade, ninth-grade, and any student entering an Illinois school for the first time are required to have a physical by a licensed MD, DO, APN, or PA. Sports physicals are not accepted for this requirement. All of these students must also be up to date with their immunizations.
  • Additionally, sixth-graders are required to have the Tdap and Meningitis vaccine.
  • Finally, twelfth-graders will not need a physical, but are required to show proof of having completed two doses of the meningitis vaccine.

If your student is not in compliance, please make arrangements to get this completed and send records to the school as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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