1. Excellent, thank you. I have had family in that school for the 30’s through the 50’s. One thing I did not see in the outside shots was the playground equipment we had in the 50’s when I went there. Swings, slide, teeter totter etc.
    A good piece overall. Thanks again

  2. Love the video!! I graduated from Warren in 1985. I have not been back to the school since then… It was wonderful looking back, and also seeing the progress through the years… Shannon Strickland Brown

  3. Very Nice. Not sure if it would have been possible but if every student that attended Warren Jr. Sr. High from the beginning could have been listed in a scroll in the video that would have been cool.

  4. I loved the video ! My mom was in the class of 1934. I wish I could get a copy of that picture. I have never seen her senior class picture before .

  5. Well done! I graduated from WHS in 1986, and the video brought back a lot of great memories! The fire truck photo is the Class of ’86. The yearbook theme that year was “Fast Times at Warren High,” and the fire truck was the fastest and biggest vehicle in town we could find to use as a prop.

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