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InformationNOW is the website for parents or students to view grades, attendance, schedules or discipline.


INow PARENTS please note:

When viewing your students grades by clicking on the Grades link please understand the following:
The grade you are seeing is the semester average 50% 3rd quarter and 50% 4th quarter not the quarter grade
To view the quarter grade click on the D to the right of the class for details.  It will show the 4th Quarter grade and the 2nd Semester grade
To view the individual grades click on the A to the right of the class for grades for each graded item for the class you will see notes such as if the assignment was incomplete or late at the discretion of the teacher


Alternate grade translations

You may see some of the following as grades for your child. We are using these codes so that a student will see the impact of missing assignments. We want them to realize their grade if it never gets turned in now rather than at the end of the quarter when it is too late to change. These codes are used completely at the discretion of the teacher and are not mandated by the district. Below is an explanation of each code:

FNEWE  NTI = not turned in when assigned and cannot be turned in any longer - is equal to a zero

  ABS = assignment not turned in due to absence but still may be turned in - is equal to a zero

  ABX = unexcused absence - is equal to a zero

  LTE = assignment not turned in but still may be turned in - is equal to a zero

  MSG = assignment not turned in but still may be turned in - no impact on the grade (this gives the student a short time to turn the assignment in without an impact on their grade)

  NA = this assignment was not applicable to this student - no impact on the grade

  XMT = the student is exempt from this assignment - no impact on the grade

  EXC = excused absence - student must still turn in assignment within reasonable amount of time - no impact on the grade at this time

If you have further questions or need to set up an INow home portal account email Mrs. Thompson at Shirley.Thompson@205warren.net

15-minute training video that discusses all of the features of InformationNOWs home portal

If you are interested in obtaining a user name and password email Mrs. Thompson at the following address and she will send you the information.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Thompson for assistance.  You may also set up an appointment with her for personal hands-on help by calling 815-745-2641 Ex. 108 or emailing.

mailto:  Shirley Thompson (sat@205warren.net)

Last modified: 10/01/14